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The challenge is to design privacy-first Soulbound tokens leveraged by Zero-Knowledge Proof where minimum required information associated with the wallet is shared with the verifier. Here, the metadata on SBTs is not exposed nor the metadata is offchain.

SBTs are non-transferable tokens that represent “commitments, credentials, and affiliations” that make up the social relations on Web3 networks. In other words, they are tokenized representations of the myriad traits, features and achievements that make up a person or entity.Privacy is critical as the wallet interactions are transparent and with SBTs it becomes relatively easy to associate a wallet with a particular individual.

To be announced.

1st place - 2500 €

2nd place - 1500 €

3rd place - 1000 €

The most crucial thing is that we need a technical solution or idea, together with specific actions to make it live. We are looking for various viewpoints and ideas that could be used to implemented a solution.

Binance is the world’s leading blockchain ecosystem, with a product suite that includes the largest digital asset exchange.

All Challenges