Cruising with Robots

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If you would have robots in a cruise ship, in which ways would you utilize them to make the cruise more efficient and sustainable at the same time? Analyse the people flow of passengers/crew and combine that with robot flow.

This challenge is held in collaboration with CGI, KONE and Meyer Turku.

People flow is the way how people move in and between from place A to place B. Good people flow means people moving smoothly, safely, comfortably, and without waiting. In cruises people flow can be discovered in passengers’ and crew’s point of view.

Think about the service what is visible and non-visible for the cruise passengers. As a conclusion, we wish to have a visual presentation (mock ups, animation etc.) of the service path and people flow. You may use your imagination not only with robots but with automation systems, as well.

We encourage you to be creative with your conclusion. Remember to put effort for the user interface in your solution via mock ups.

  • Useful information about cruises from Meyer (pdf. to download)
  • People flow and robotics expert from KONE
  • Mentoring at Junction Hackathon

First place: 2000€
Second place: 1000€

- creative, innovative and out-of-box ideas

- service path description

- how passenger experience has been considered

- how much savings can be done with implementing this solution in a cruise ship (crew, space etc.)

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