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Patience you must have my young challengers.

“Do or do not. There is no try."

The IT industry's share of global electricity consumption is currently 5-9%. There are predictions that it will rise to as much as 21% by 2030. So in the IT field we have more and more responsibility for the energy consumption of systems.

Green Coding is greener approach to implement and run software.

“Always pass on what you have learned.”

This challenge is about innovating ways to implement applications in a more energy-efficient manner. Energy-efficient solutions can include things like avoiding unnecessary processing, optimizing capacity use, using energy-efficient programming languages, using energy-efficient file formats, the application can have an eco-mode, screen color choices can influence energy consumption and so on.

The task is to design and implement a simple media site that presents different kind content such as blog posts, images and video clips. The solution should include a data storage for the content, a backend service and frontend for user interface.

“You will find only what you bring in.”

You are free to choose the technologies to be used but the solution should be as energy efficient as possible.

1st Place: 2000€
2nd Place: 1000€

The solutions are scored as follows:

Service design and UX (0-25 points)

- How energy consumption is taken into account in service design?

- What kind of options are offered to users to make climate-friendly choices?

Technical design and architecture (0-25 points)

- Energy efficiency of technology choices

- How energy consumption is taken into account in architecture?

Implementation (0-25 points)

- How energy-efficient the implementation is?

Metrics (0-25 points)

- How you measure energy efficiency of the solution?

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