Making industrial purchase decisions more transparent & sustainable

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How to provide and present construction and manufacturing companies the necessary data for making sustainable and informed material purchasing decisions?

The construction industry’s direct and indirect emissions account for around 25%out of humanity’s greenhouse gas emissions and according to the European Commission, “greater material efficiency could save 80% of those emissions” .Furthermore, construction related industries are one of the least digitised in the world, with flat productivity. Almost half of deliveries have at least one error leading to waste. Most of these delivery issues are caused by manual processes within supply chains and procurement.

The challenge is to collect, combine and convey sustainability data in the form you see best fit in your own application, platform, portal or similar. You can come up with new concepts that use the information gathered, such as recycling or product comparisons. Some examples of open datasets can be found at the end of this document.

You are free to choose the technologies you use. We at Cronvall will provide you with data of our products catalogue, such as materials, weight, etc to help you combine data and present products in your solution. We will also share freight data from the transportation of our orders. Our team will also be at your disposal at Junction to tell you about some initiatives we have had and expertise from the industry.

The price is two-fold. We are giving 1000€ to Compensate in the team's name(almost 30 tons of CO2 (6)), and a 1000€ gift card to Amazon.

The judges are looking for solutions that could be implemented into the Cronvall’s platform when the customers are buying their industrial products. The most important criteria are:
-Opportunities to create business via reducing emissions, saving resources, or replacing CO2 heavy products are important.
-Data sources you find and how you use them with the Cronvall data
-Design of the solution

So in short, we challenge you to come up with the data you see relevant to your solution and utilize it to present industrial products for the construction and manufacturing customers.

Cronvall is on a mission to make it easy to buy and sell industrial products. The company is building a B2B marketplace with  transparent product, price, and availability information. Our vision is to help support construction and manufacturing industries improve productivity and transition into more sustainable material sourcing by offering possible substitutes for the carbon heavy products, and recycling options for our customers.

All Challenges