Digitally Empowering Consumers in the Face of a Global Energy Crisis

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Creating digital solutions or using advanced analytics to help individuals and businesses reduce energy consumption in their daily life!

Last year, BCG established two moonshots – AI and Climate & Sustainability. Having these moonshots means that we, as a leading management consultancy, invest in building the best capabilities on the market to help our clients solve challenges relating to AI and sustainability, and the offered task goes in line with the company's innovative goals.

We challenge you to find new innovative digital or advanced analytics solutions to reduce or optimize the energy consumption of individuals and businesses. The solution can be either a tool or a prototype of a methodology.

The solution can be created with the technology of choice and can involve any open source data.

We will provide you with:

Datasets and links to useful data sources. Especially those relating to energy consumption in Finland and the electrical consumption levels for different household appliances.

The CO2.AI Product description and example use cases for inspiration.

BCG Gamma and Platinion mentors with expertise in sustainability and AI topics who can help you with framing and branding your solution.

1st place: 2000 € Amazon gift card
2nd place 1000 € Amazon gift card
3rd place: 500 € Amazon gift card

We are looking for concrete solutions to reduce energy usage. Alongside effectiveness in reducing or optimizing electricity usage, the solutions are judged by their innovativeness, ease of implementation, and likelihood of adoption.

The host of the challenge, DigitalBCG is the technology and data-focused arm of the leading management consulting firm Boston Consulting Group (BCG). We bring together a broad set of data, digital, and technology capabilities from diverse BCG consulting teams and practices to support our clients throughout their digital transformation journeys.
Along with our business units, such as BCG Platinion and BCG GAMMA, we combine best-in-class consulting with digital expertise. Working in these units, you will be able to work hand-in-hand with our business experts to tackle our clients’ most challenging problems, regarding digital transformations or data science. Example work includes the CO2.AI which brings transparency to the business footprint and then uses AI to optimize it.

All Challenges