Year 2222

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Imagine a multi-planetary human species.

We have traveled 200 years in time because we need your help. We have become multi-planetary, we rule the galaxy, and yet here we are, fighting with each other like the old times. We can’t get governance working, the federations keep fighting. Money still gets printed like paper by careless leaders who just want to rule a moon. Our trade ships were Ion-blasted away by pirates, our treasures were lost or sold in black markets. We need your help. How can we manage such large distances, time dilation, and differences in resources, cultural and societal goals between all the human settlements? How can we ensure liberty without tyranny?

Envision the tools of tomorrow so we can start building them today.

There are rumors of a side quest too, a hidden treasure floats in space, ready to be claimed by adventurers like you, the first one to find and break it open gets it.

During Junction, a few of our time travelers will be on the premises to guide and mentor you. Feel free to ask questions and validate your ideas

8,000€ in prizes!

  1. 3000€ worth of ETH or euros
  2. 2000€ worth of ETH or euros
  3. 1000€ worth of ETH or euros

The pirate treasure side quest (treasure location to be announced at the start of the event): 2000€ worth of ETH or euros

We are looking for solutions that might solve our problems but if you can implement something and show you can execute your vision, that's what makes a winner.


All Challenges