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Keksintösäätiö is looking for new innovative ideas to enable early-stage inventors to cross the chasm to successful innovation

Finland is known for the inventiveness, creativity, and pragmatic problem-solving capabilities of the people and society. Finnish inventors rank high in global patent applications and large companies have world-class R&D management and processes.  
Entrepreneurs and inventors have a great number of innovative ideas and seeds of inventions. They have, however, great difficulties in making these new ideas come to life and developing their early-stage inventions into marketable, successful innovations.  
To solve the problem, Keksintösäätiö is building a country-wide network of experts from various fields to assess, evaluate, spar, and support entrepreneurs and inventors in their ventures. The Ideajalostamo-program engages these experts and innovation support organizations to form an “umbrella” for delivering enhanced support for target groups. This network requires an online platform to facilitate its work. Keksintösäätiö now wishes to design and build that platform.

We need new innovative out-of-the-box ideas and concepts on how the platform should work. This challenge is a key action towards that goal.

Keksintösäätiö is deeply aware of the problems and needs of early-stage inventor-innovators, as well as the needs of innovation support organizations that support entrepreneurs and inventors. We will be at your service to spar and evaluate any ideas arising during the hackathon work.

1st prize: 1200 euro
2nd prize: 600 euro
A special prize for a high-value out-of-the-box idea is an invitation to the annual IPR Gala.

The qualities we are looking for are the EXCELLENCE and the potential IMPACT of the outcomes from the project.

As a result of Junction, we hope to have
1. Great ideas and insight into how the platform should be built and what features and services to include
2. Clear implementable concept to try out, demonstrate and take steps forward with

Keksintösäätiö (Foundation for Finnish Inventions) promotes the creation of new inventions and their efficiency. We hate to see good inventions and highly potential inventive ideas scrapped due to a lack of understanding, missing skills or motivation, and not receiving timely support and encouragement.  
To reduce the frustration, we are now working to set up a novel support service for small companies and private inventors. This would help them to better manage their early-stage inventions and innovative ideas.

The Ideajalostamo-program will join forces with a good number of national and regional business development organizations and experts in various fields. Entrepreneurs and inventors benefit from the support services in multiple ways. They will have experts to assess, evaluate, spar and promote their inventions and assist them to find paths towards successful commercialization.  
This unique service will be operated and utilized by many innovation support organizations around Finland. In the future, expansion across the EU, and beyond is envisaged.
Please read more about the Ideajalostamo-program and our thoughts, here

All Challenges