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“Where should I ___?” – Develop a high-value geospatial recommendation demo

Come up with a creative and valuable geospatial analytics use case that you could imagine a real company benefitting from and build a demo to showcase what this could look like. Geospatial analytics use cases could be: visualizing optimal locations for hotels or some other building, or evaluating the attractiveness of gas stations for electric vehicle charging. We will provide a code base to start from, which includes data extraction, processing and visualization layers. We are looking for innovation on 1) the data modeling back-end (can you come up with alternative ways to calculate location attractiveness and provide recommendations?) or 2) the data visualization front-end (can you come up with alternative ways to visualize and interact with the recommendations?). Feel free to innovate on either or both, depending on your team capabilities.

In many industries, geospatial analytics can become a core capability that creates a lasting competitive advantage. For example, retailers choose their locations carefully considering multiple data inputs such as customer and competitive density, and logistics companies plan their warehouse locations to optimize for distance. Location optimization can create significant business value through maximizing traffic and income, or minimizing costs by being near certain resources. McKinsey Digital helps clients across analytics challenges, with geospatial analytics being one exciting area.

- Base code assets to help get you started, including the ability to: extract OpenStreetMaps data, one method for processing data, one model for scoring geospatial data, and one front-end visualization option

- Technical and business-oriented coaches

Winner Team I - Ipad Mini for each team member

Second place II - AirPods Pro for each team member

Third place III - 500 EUR Amazon voucher for the team

1. Potential value of use case

2. Technical creativity

3. Technical advancement

4. Quality of final demo

McKinsey Digital supports clients on a broad spectrum of analytics use cases, unlocking value by connecting data and analytics with decision-making. The projects we do can range from improving the efficiency of a manufacturing process by building a machine learning algorithm to optimize production control parameters, building performance management dashboards that provide real-time insights for top management decision-making, or setting up a new Direct-to-Consumer platform.

All Challenges