Crack the Payments

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Payment cards. Are they secure? Get into hacking mode and find out!

Behind the scenes there are different communication protocols, cryptographic standards, financial sector requirements, country regulations, etc. However, the end-user of the payment system sees and holds only the top of the iceberg: The Card.
Cards operate by striping, tapping, and inserting. Are these methods of payment equally secure? Does it matter which type of card (Maestro, Visa, MasterCard) you use? Dig into the communication between the card and terminal and investigate how secure the payments truly are!
Build the solution which reads the card data using NFC protocol. Ideally it should show the parsed content and identify the security level of your card. The solution should be easy to use and explain what was found in detail!

We will bring NFC readers, but you could also use your mobile phones for that.

The winning team will be awarded 1500€

- The most juicy information from the card(s)
- The understanding and explanation of the found data
- Ideas of how to improve the security of the payment transactions

Payment cards don't have a long history, but now are so universal that cash payments have become the exception. At Nexi we are building products to provide the simplest, fastest and safest payment solutions to People, Businesses and Financial Institutions.

All Challenges