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Prevent and aid mental health and wellbeing struggles of young adults.

Mental health problems have been on the rise in recent years, partly due to better understanding of the human mind and the effects of social media. In addition, the COVID-pandemic pushed us out of normal and amplified the issue for many. It was like pouring gasoline on a fire, causing a surge with people looking for help with varying needs, including young adults as highlighted in the media. Furthermore, we are not all the same, and so our mental health needs are different as well – e.g. variation in human brains, past experiences, privileges, society, and many other factors effect the wellbeing of our mind. Many of us know someone who is struggling with their mental health or wellbeing, or even struggling to understand themselves, and it is time to get rid of the stigma that comes with those challenges – they are hard enough as it is.

We want you to create an innovative solution to help young adults with their mental health and wellbeing. It should be something original, that you can't find a dozen solutions to with a simple Google search. Your project should take the specific needs of the users into consideration, be convenient to use, and provide insights that could help prevent mental health problems or aid with ongoing struggles. It can be purely for individual use, include collaboration tools with peers, or it can involve healthcare professionals in some way. Because we would be dealing with personal information we want the security and privacy to be top notch! And using juicy technologies such as Rust, serverless, AI or AR is optional, but appreciated!

Reaktor mentors will be on-site and ready to answer all your questions!

1st place: a long weekend in one of Reaktor's European office cities for the whole team. The experience includes flights, accommodation, and a tour of Reaktor's office.
2nd place: Reaktor backpacks full of Reaktor swag + 300€ Amazon gift card
3rd place: Reaktor backpacks full of Reaktor swag + 200€ Amazon gift card

The qualities we are looking for are:

- Considerate design
- Innovative ideas
- Ability to provide valuable insights
- Security and privacy
- Working software

Reaktor is a creative technology partner for forward-thinking organizations, and our Reaktor Health business area focuses on helping our clients develop digital services in the healthcare sector. Healthcare services struggle to keep up with the growing demand, and new ways of delivering care are direly needed, mental health services included. Many healthcare institutions look towards digital services as an aid to providing better and more accessible care. Many startups are coming up with services that help with this overwhelming situation as well. We want to do our part by making healthcare more accessible, personalized to meet everyone's needs, and able to come up with new solutions enabled through technology that we have not yet seen.

All Challenges