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Ideate ways to make content be more easily generated and variated as well as repurposed. Think of ways for different formats: how can companies utilize different sounds and audio, effects, text overlays or cuts to generate new content.

How can anyone create content easily with automation? You can put yourself in a situation where you would need to produce a lot of useful content. How would you achieve that?

With the current trend towards user-generated content in advertising, companies are looking into how to scale their creative content with variations to different formats, channels and platforms.

Today brands face a key challenge: Companies want to generate authentic and relevant content for their audiences, but struggle with how to do this in scale, efficiently and on brand. For example, a brand might need content to their social media which promotes their new products, services or brand itself. In this case they would order a video from a content creator or influencer in which they talk about the product or service – or produce the video themselves. This can work, but what if the company wants to repurpose this material later or build multiple versions of the same content? Do they need to contact the content creator again to make new versions of the same content or try to edit that content themselves?

The companies typically want to get 10–25 versions of the same video to test out different versions in their advertising. This is a lot of work, can take a long time and is relatively expensive to produce. How could you help companies to create content more easily and efficiently?

You can think of this challenge from 2 different angles:

  • How can anyone create content easily with automation? You can put yourself in a situation where you would need to produce a lot of useful content. How would you achieve that?
  • How could anyone variate that content with different techniques, for example adding effects, color variations, text overlays or even different cuts to make one piece of content into multiple versions? Again think of yourself trying to build different versions from the same content. What would you need to do and how could you automate it? 

For content creation automation:

  • Do you see that AI/ML could be used to build videos for content creators or advertisers? Are there any other technologies that would help in automation than AI?
  • How about other technological breakthroughs? Could companies learn how to dance?

How could you help creators to variate more: 


  • Make different overlay sounds or audio from different text sources easily
  • Make different language variations from the content
  • Edit the content with different cuts or adding different intros or outros
  • Add color variations, effect variations, overlays etc.

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We will offer help from our experts to the field and give examples of different creative variations.

Please see here the summarized problem area and examples on what Smartly can currently do for our customers for inspiration.

The Winner will be awarded an EUR 1,000 Amazon gift card. All participants will be gifted with some cool swag.

  • How well does it address the problems stated in the challenge: does your solution save time for the content creator or make the process otherwise much more effective and enjoyable in some way?

  • We do not judge the technical implementation too strictly if the value of the solution can be demonstrated. Focus on demonstrating how the solution solves the problem. We do appreciate solutions ranging from conceptual and technical level. Don’t be too constrained with current technology, but think ahead to future ways of content creation.

  • The solution can be an app, plugin for some other tool or other demonstrable prototype. automates every step of digital advertising to unlock greater performance and creativity with a platform that combines media buying, creative, and intelligence. 

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