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The data economy needs fixing, let's fix it!

Even as you read this, your data is probably spreading to servers around the world in exchange for some cookies that you can't even eat. Although we are aware that our data is being sold to unknown actors, we lack the proper tools to control the situation. Web3 can give that power back to the people.

Your challenge is to come up with a business model or application that combines Web3 principles, such as data ownership and monetization, with Streamr’s Data Unions framework. Using Streamr’s network is optional.

Why would people or organizations want to share their data in your economy, and why would someone buy the data? How would you ensure each member gets their fair share and what other means of incentivization exist besides money? These are questions you might ask yourself during the hackathon. Any material that can strengthen your business case, like a prototype, is welcome.

Taking part in this challenge will help you understand the new business models created by Web3. In addition, you will gain hands-on knowledge in using blockchain technology that powers decentralized networks.

The mentors from TX and Streamr will help your frame your business proposals and get a grasp of blockchain technology. All the relevant technical material is available online on Streamr's website. We have also set up a knowledge page to help you get started

1st place: 3000€ in DATA tokens

2nd place: 1500€ in DATA tokens

3rd place: 500€ in DATA tokens

We will examine the feasibility of your concept and how it may promote sustainable economic and social values. We encourage you to find an innovative approach to the challenge rather than reinventing an existing idea. We also appreciate your ability to demonstrate the concept (demo, mockup, prototype, something else).

  • Utility, feasibility and user value 40%
  • Innovativeness & novelty 20%
  • Overall quality and detail of work 30%
  • Presentation 10%

TX provides Web3 consultancy and development services to crypto projects and companies. We believe that decentralized networks, blockchains, and data economies are the key enablers and building blocks of this future.

We decided to partner with Streamr because it is a prime example of value creation on a decentralized real-time data network. Using Streamr’s open-source technology, people are able to create, share and consume data streams for monetization.

All Challenges