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Imagine everything could be delivered within minutes - not only from businesses to individuals but also from individuals to individuals. We provide Delivery as a Service via Wolt Drive API and your task is to build a solution which makes the city a better and more sustainable place to live in by utilizing the API.

At Wolt, we’re on a mission to make cities better places to live. Our vision is big — the whole city delivered to you, within minutes. And to get there, we’re building new infrastructure — a commerce platform to seamlessly connect our millions of customers with hundreds of thousands of merchant and courier partners, in real-time across 23 countries and 250+ cities.

We believe that our platform can be used to not just make cities better places to live, but also help us to build a more sustainable future. We’ve already invested a lot into sustainability of our business, but how could we use the technology powering Wolt to further improve sustainability of cities? Considering trends like sharing economy and sustainable living, while thinking beyond things like second hand or emissions, what could be the revolutionary opportunities Wolt deliveries could enable? This is where you come in. We’d love to see your ideas to innovate how we can make cities more sustainable through the use of our Wolt DriveAPI.

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We’ll give you access to the Wolt Drive API in our test environment. You’ll be able to request a (simulated) delivery from any pick up location to any drop off location by using the delivery order endpoint (POST/merchants/{merchant_id}/delivery-order) of the API.Please visit our stand to get the API credentials and other required information.

1st place: 2500€ worth of Wolt credits

2nd place: 1000€ worth of Wolt credits

3rd place: 500€ worth of Wolt credits

We value innovation, so we’d encourage you to think outside the box. In addition to a creative and unique idea, we’d like to see a working technical prototype which uses the Wolt DriveAPI. 50% of the overall assessment comes from the idea and 50% from the implementation.

Wolt is a technology company that makes it incredibly easy to discover and get the best restaurants, grocery stores and other local shops delivered to your home or office. Essentially, we’re building a local commerce platform. To make the delivery of everything happen, we’re building a commerce platform that connects our customers, courier partners and merchant partners. Seamlessly and in real-time. By building a world-class engine for powering local commerce on a global scale, we empower and grow the local economies. By doing so, we think we have the opportunity to make the cities we’re in a bit better places to live.

All Challenges