What is Junction Jumpstart?

Junction Jumpstart is a series of mini-hackathons taking place around the world this fall. Four big tech cities will go up against each other to decide which one will be crowned the “Techiest city of 2022”.

Participants will be given a large pool of challenges to choose from. The more difficult the challenge is, the more points it’s worth. The goal for your team is to solve as many challenges as possible in three hours and collect all the points you can get.

The team that collects the most points in each city will be awarded Golden Tickets to Junction 2022 🎫 meaning they will get immediate acceptance, free accommodation, and a travel grant to partially cover transportation costs.One by one, each city will round up the total of the points collected in their singular event. The city with the most points will be bestowed the title of TECHIEST CITY OF THEM ALL 🏆

17.09.2022 - Junction Jumpstart Algiers19.09.2022 - Junction Jumpstart Venice27.09.2022 - Junction Jumpstart Berlin02.10.2022 - Junction Jumpstart Tartu