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Junction Jobs

Ready to find your next challenge? Junction Jobs is the final step of Terminal, leading right in to the main event on Friday. At Junction Jobs, you get an exclusive chance to learn more about our partner companies and what kind of job opportunities they have to offer!

You get to chat with their employees and hear more about what working for them is actually like. Some snack will of course also be served!

The partners that will be present at Junction Jobs this year are McKinsey Digital, Boston Consulting Group, Wunderdog, Reaktor, Gravity Team, CGI and Espoo!

The event takes place on November 4th from 10:00-14:00 at Startup Sauna (Betonimiehenkuja 3D, Espoo).

All Junction 2022 participants are welcome to join!

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McKinsey Digital – Mythbusting our work

The answer is more than yes. In our increasingly digital economy, over 50% of our regular client work is now focused on non-traditional topics, including building concrete digital solutions, building completely new digital businesses in a start-up mode, or guiding clients through large digital transformations. We look for profiles across diverse backgrounds, including data scientists, software engineers, designers and integrative consultants.

We warmly welcome you to join us on Monday 31.10. at 18.00 for the first event of the Terminal of Junction 2022! You will get a peek into the type of projects that we do, get to know us, and hopefully discover what path you could forge at McKinsey. The evening will include an introductory part, followed by casual food and drinks.

The event takes place at the co-working space Startup Sauna (Betonimiehenkuja 3D, Espoo) and is targeted at all Junction 2022 participants interested in McKinsey Digital. Registration is now open and the first 50 people to sign up will obtain a spot in the event!

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Brunching with CGI

We warmly welcome you to have a delicious brunch with CGI. During brunch, you can just lay back and enjoy the cozy morning. At the same time, you will hear more about CGI, and our career possibilities and get some special tips for Junction 2022.

CGI is among the largest IT and business consulting services firms in the world. In Finland, we employ more than 3,700 IT and business consulting experts in 16 locations. Globally, we have around 88 000 colleagues around the world. In this year’s 2022 Universum student research we were the top 9th attractive employer which we are very happy about.

The brunch will be held on Tuesday, 1st of November (10.00 – 13.00) and takes place at Startup Sauna. All Junction 2022 participants are welcome. Registration is now open and the first 50 people to sign up will get a spot! Looking forward to having a brunch together!

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Reaktor X Junction excursion

We welcome you to come and visit Reaktor’s HQ office in Helsinki on Tuesday 1.11.2022 at 18.00 for the Reaktor X Junction excursion!

Reaktor is a creative technology partner for forward-thinking companies and societies. Our 700+ experts work with clients such as adidas, Kone, Supercell, Finnair, and HBO. Based in Helsinki, New York, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Lisbon, and Tokyo, we build digital products, services, and strategies with exceptionally high quality and velocity.

Besides this, we believe we’re a great place to work and grow as a developer! Interesting projects, chances for professional development, the ability to influence the way you work, great international opportunities – need we say more!

In November, we invite you to join us for a night of good food, juicy drinks, networking, and chatting about Junction and job opportunities at Reaktor. If you want, you are welcome to hop in our sauna as well. Towels and cosmetics are on us!

The excursion is targeted at all Junction 2022 participants. Registration is open and the first 30 people to sign up will get a spot!

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Wunderdog X Junction excursion

Welcome to an excursion with Pizza, Beer, and Wunderdog Developers!

Come spend an evening in the heart of Helsinki, talk about software development with IT consultants, and enjoy pizza and drinks! Wunderdog is a software and design consultancy company that has offices in Helsinki, Berlin, and Málaga, and they’re hosting an excursion at their office for Junction 2022 participants during Terminal! The event takes place on Wednesday 2.11.2022 from 18:00 to 23:00.

The excursion is targeted at all Junction 2022 participants interested in software development or Wunderdog in general. Registration is now open and the first 30 people to sign up will obtain a spot.If you have questions about the event, contact emmi.korhonen@wunderdog.fi OR participants@hackjunction.com

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Setting up your life in the heart of the Finnish deep tech community - Espoo x Junction

Are you planning on moving to Finland? Or would this be an option for you? The city of Espoo wants to welcome all Junction 2022 participants to a free brunch on Thursday 3.11.2022 from 10.00-12.00 during which they’ll tell you more about how you can and why you should set up your life here in Finland!

Espoo is the leading epicenter of systemic cross-disciplinary innovation in Finland – and one of the leading epicenters in the world. It is important to the city that our companies and talents reach their full potential by finding the services they need – and by finding each other. Come hear more about what kinds of opportunities the city – and Finland – can offer you!

The brunch takes place at the event venue Design Factory (Betonimiehenkuja 5C, Espoo).The event is targeted at all Junction 2022 participants coming from outside the Helsinki Metropolitan area. Registration is now open and the first 30 people to sign up will obtain a spot!

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Workshops, Open discussion, Quizzes and Lucky Draw with Huawei

We are inviting you to Huawei's Terminal event of Junction 2022!

We’ve prepared series of workshops about “Work Remotely with Huawei” where you will find all necessary information about the hackathon challenge and Huawei Mobile Services we offer for development. We invited our experts from other European countries and you will have a chance to mingle with them and hear more about Huawei as a workplace!

We’ll offer snacks and drinks to fuel you through the afternoon. There’ll also be a Lucky Draw where you have the chance to win a Huawei smartphone!

The event will take place on Thursday, 3rd of November (13.00 – 18.00) at Startup Sauna (Betonimiehenkuja 3D, Espoo). The event is targeted at all Junction 2022 participants and the first 50 people to sign up will get a spot!

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Terminal Sauna night in Helsinki

Terminal is nearly here! In just a few weeks, Terminal 2022 will take place just before the main event of Junction 2022. The idea of Terminal Sauna Night is to enjoy a relaxed vibe, meet new people and explore Finnish culture.

Did you know that the sauna is a strong style of the Finnish lifestyle and we have over 3 million saunas in the country? Have not been to the sauna - have not been to Finland! Explore the Finnish culture by joining us to the Sauna night event on the 3rd of November in Helsinki. We’ll provide you with good company to go with and a discount to a well-known Sauna restaurant in Helsinki.

Come enjoy the sauna and have a chill evening before the main event!

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